10 (savory and sweet) Fig recipe

Last days of August is the best time to use all your creativity on savory and sweet recipes with figs! Personally I believe that figs are doing better in the savory world rather than pastry! But I cook and eat it all!

Click on the photo to see the recipe you want:

Fig and Sausage Pizza

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Orange and Fig CakeDSC_3393

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Figs and Prosciutto PastaPasta With Figs and Prosciutto Recipe, cool artisan, simple, italian, saveur, food styling, food blog awards, winner, love, worlds best, rich flavorFig, Yogurt and Cereal Clusters Smoothie bowlfig smoothie recipe, greek yogurt, food blogger, food styling, blog awards, saveur mag, recipe, cool artisan

Fig and Salmon Salad

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Fig and Mascarpone cheese tart


Fig and Prosciutto Pizza


Fig Jamcf83cf85cebdcf84ceb1ceb3ceae-cebcceb1cf81cebcceb5cebbceacceb4ceb1-cf83cf8dcebacebf-ceb5cf8dcebacebfcebbceb7-ceb1cf80cebbceae-marmelade-j

Fig and Sausage Bruschetta


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